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In a new TV ad out today, Apple features people inappropriately blurting out private information in public places.

Why it matters: With this bit of satire, Apple aims to win over consumers with a privacy-first message — and also to paint itself as a force for good amid the public debate over Big Tech's power.

Details: The minute-long spot features a variety of scenes, including:

  • A man on a bus shouting that he has been browsing for a divorce attorney.
  • A woman at a movie telling the person next to her the e-mail address she uses to "login for everything."
  • A man jogging and loudly sharing his heart rate aloud as he goes.
  • A woman with a bullhorn announcing her credit card number.

The screen then reads: "Some things shouldn't be shared. iPhone keeps it that way."

Between the lines: Apple's message may be humorous, but it is not subtle.

  • The company wants to distinguish between its business model, in which consumers pay for hardware and services, from its rivals', which uses personal data to target ads.
  • Apple's case to customers is: You don't have to choose between technology and privacy.

Yes, but: Privacy still comes at a price. Apple makes billions from its high-end hardware and billions more from its growing array of paid services. It also gets billions from ad-supported Google to be the default search engine on Macs and iOS devices. You can see the ad here.

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Ina Fried, author of Login
10 hours ago - Technology

Amazon wants to flood America with Alexa cameras and microphones

Photo: Amazon

In a Thursday event unveiling a slew of new home devices ahead of the holidays, Amazon made clearer than ever its determination to flood America with cameras, microphones and the voice of Alexa, its AI assistant.

The big picture: Updating popular products and expanding its range to car alarms and in-home drones, Amazon extended its lead in smart home devices and moved into new areas including cloud gaming and car security. The new offerings will also fuel criticism that the tech giant is helping equip a society built around surveillance.

Mike Allen, author of AM
1 hour ago - Politics & Policy

Biden pushes unity message in new TV wave

A fresh Joe Biden ad, "New Start," signals an effort by his campaign to make unity a central theme, underscoring a new passage in his stump speech that says he won't be a president just for Democrats but for all Americans.

What he's saying: The ad — which began Friday night, and is a follow-up to "Fresh Start" — draws from a Biden speech earlier in the week in Manitowoc, Wisconsin:

Updated 2 hours ago - Politics & Policy

Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of 6:30 p.m. ET: 32,390,204 — Total deaths: 985,302 — Total recoveries: 22,286,345Map.
  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of 6:30 p.m ET: 7,020,967 — Total deaths: 203,481 — Total recoveries: 2,710,183 — Total tests: 98,476,600Map.
  3. States: "We’re not closing anything going forward": Florida fully lifts COVID restaurant restrictions — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tests positive for coronavirus.
  4. Health: Young people accounted for 20% of cases this summer.
  5. Business: Coronavirus has made airports happier places The expiration of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance looms.
  6. Education: Where bringing students back to school is most risky.