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Agenda Mailbag: Top 40 feedback letters on scooters, burgers, starter homes, Cross Country Trail and single guys

new mailbag header

new mailbag header

This is part of an ongoing series titled Mailbag featuring items readers submit via email or our feedback form. We get a ton of feedback; this is not close to everything (it’s about 2 percent), but it’s a good sample.

In response to: OP-ED: Either single Charlotte guys are lazy, or so in demand that they don’t have to try

“We’re all holding out for Mackenzie Bezos now that she’s available.” – J

“There are a few factors at play here: (1) App culture has made people treat others like they’re ‘disposable’ so nobody wants to commit. (2) Women do not like to ‘date down’ and millennial women as a group are out-achieving millennial men, in both college graduation rates and pay (gasp). Which means there is a smaller pool of eligible men and women have unrealistic expectations. (3) Red Dead Redemption 2 is more fun than most dates.” – S

“What law requires single people to consistently seek a relationship? Divorce rates are at an all-time high. When I’m out having drinks, I see a lot of couples arguing consistently, both married/dating. What’s appealing about that? I don’t like conflict and I’m not going to spend my time on planet Earth arguing on a daily basis.” – T

“Men tend to care more about your physical looks, fitness, kind demeanors and feminine quality way more than your academic achievement and social standing. Men often don’t give a flying f*** about high-flying older career women with $100k+ salary. A cute 25-year-old girl with a real caring personality who’s BROKE af will beat you any day of the week.” – C

“Spot-on. It’s not just a Charlotte problem, though – American men in their 20s and 30s are so lazy and entitled about dating that it’s horrifying. And don’t think it’s confined solely to the single ones – plenty of guys in relationships are also just being dragged around by their girlfriends until they finally get dumped for never popping the question. Step up or you’re going to get stepped over, little boys!” – A

“No, men aren’t lazy they are smart; tired of the one-sided dating norms and feminism. It’s just easier and less expensive to be single.” – R

“Every woman I know puts a tremendous amount of effort into herself as a person-not only being pretty and well groomed but being a well rounded person with a good career and diverse hobbies Every guy I know wakes up every morning like — ‘well, this is as good as its gonna get'” – A

“The article states, ‘I’m blown away by the women who have applied. We have attorneys, business owners, and women who’ve dedicated their lives to non-profit work’ — Literally no man cares about any of this.” – C

“Maybe girls should start initiating dates and conversations. Maybe they’re the ‘lazy’ ones.” – Z

In response to: 10 most influential women in Charlotte food and drink

“I would’ve loved to see “The Distiller: Caroline Delaney” of Muddy River Distillery included on this list. – J

“Nice list but I would absolutely add Kris Reid, founder of Piedmont Culinary Guild as one of THE MOST influential women in CLT’s food community.” – K

“Love this! Every aspect of the food industry in the past was actually about men, it’s nice to see women getting recognition.” – I

“Super humbled to be considered as “The Restaurateur” in the 10 Most Influential Women in Charlotte food and drink scene, thank you thank you Axios Charlotte. I think as women we often feel compelled to lessen ourselves or deflect recognition. Well I think all these women are badasses and I am pretty damn proud to share space with all of them. I can’t tell you how often I am labeled ‘the wife of the chef’ (a title I hold in very high regard and am also damn proud of, I’ll add) but I am a restaurateur, an entrepreneur, and a business woman. I did design these restaurants, yes. I did write the wine lists, yes. I also wrote all our business plans, got both projects funded by relentlessly not accepting no as an answer, worked side by side with the contractors to build them, do all our marketing and social media, lead over 150 employees along side my amazing partner/husband, and I am unashamedly hungry for more. So kudos to all these woman, and to the countless others who make the world go round every dang day.” – Katy Kindred, owner of Kindred and Hello, Sailor.

In response to: OP-ED: N.C. cities want to be tech hubs — but punish innovative companies

“One of these e-scooters hit me while I was stopped because the girl was going too fast, at night, on a sidewalk. She fell off and scared the shit out of me because she could have been seriously injured or worse. She then just drove away. My car has serious damage and I’m traumatized because I thought someone died after colliding with my car. I’m 100% in favor of these scooter laws. They’re freakin’ dangerous and stupid.” – N

“Cities that have banned or seriously curtailed electric scooters include San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Denver, etc., i.e. some of the largest tech hubs in the country. The state could be much more friendly to tech companies, that is clear, but using the electric scooters as an example is absurd. Also, the proposed rules target the riders of the scooters more so than the scooters themselves, which is completely appropriate given how most of the idiots ride them in Uptown Charlotte.” – A

In response to: Best burgers in Charlotte? 2019 definitive ranking of Charlotte’s top 20 burger spots

“$18 burger? WTF. I’ll stick to Bang Bang across the street.” – J

“Axios Charlotte’s obsession with Shake Shack continues. Talk about overrated and overhyped. It’s essentially an average to slightly above average fast food burger. The only reasons I’d ever go there are because I live a couple blocks away and have little kids. Certainly not worth going out of your way for. And really only worth it if there is too much of a wait at Park Road Soda Shoppe (which is far superior) just across the parking lot. – M

“Your list is not complete unless it includes ‘Jimmy’s Special’ from Dive N in Pineville.” – P

In response to: After $38 million, Charlotte says promised Cross Charlotte Trail isn’t possible

“There are a million better ways Charlotte could spend $77 million dollars on than a stupid cross Charlotte trail. Who the heck is supporting this? Who the heck is REALLY interested in running across the entire City? Seems like a terrible idea that should have been shot down YEARS ago.” – N

“At best, poor planning. At worst, outright deception.” – A

“Anyone could have built this with $40M dollars so long as politics were not involved.” – J

“How is Raleigh able to cross cross, ring, and cover every part of an entire county three times the size of Mecklenburg, with greenways, and we can’t? Money. It’s no surprise when we spend 30M (dead last among large cities), and Raleigh spends 230M annually, (top five among largest us cities). Seriously, are you saying Raleigh takes in more tax revenue than Charlotte? Where is all that money going? Keep resting on how great we are now and it will be remember how great we used to be.” – T

“This is what they said was more important than an MLS bid to redo the crumbling Memorial Stadium. Now they can’t even pave a light duty road through nature? C’mon. A private company would have had this done years ago and under budget. Real big draw for economic development this is creating unfinished.” – B

“These things happen all the time, but why did they know about it early on and not say anything?! To me, it’s less about the money and more about the deception.” – J

“We’re raising 70 million for the RNC and we can’t afford valuable infrastructure. Pathetic.” – A

“Typical Charlotte. It’s been the same crap for 30+ years. Any major project ends up massively over budget, and majorly behind schedule. It’s beyond absurd. We clearly need better talent on the city staff. I think it’s time that some folks get re-evaluated. A miss in estimates like this is pretty bad, but knowing about it for quite some time and NOT escalating that issue is even worse. In the private sector, this is a career ender. Why should it be different for city government?” – M

“They need to put in toll lanes on the trails so they can pay for themselves. That seems to be the solution to many problems(just kidding).” – T

In response to: Confessions of a Charlotte veterinarian

“Thank you for the story. I have to euthanize my cat today. I did not want to have to be there to watch it, but thanks to your story, I know that it is my responsibility to be there and I want to be there for her as she departs.” – T

“I decided to read your ‘Confessions of Veterinarian’ at work and got quite emotional when I read her answer about euthanizing animals. Then I thought it would be a good idea to tell my co-worker about it. Terrible idea…cue the water works…again! Breaks my heart that some families either can’t handle to be in the room or don’t care enough (a**holes).” – L

In response to: Homeowners may see valuation increases of 40% when they check their mailbox this month

“The most surprising thing to me is that only 26% of property taxes are used to fund public schools. That seems low.” – R

“Imagine if they had nice roads and schools what the value would be?” – A

In response to: The Pavilion at South End sells for $7.3 million — new owners creating potential space for Dilworth’s first walkable brewery

“Because Charlotte needs another brewery.” – B

“How many unique small businesses will be pushed out for another brewery that looks like the others?” – K

“Maybe now they can clean those bathrooms. I swear, every time I go to Owen’s and I step in the bathroom to wash my hands, it’s dirtier than the time before.” – M

In response to: 11 coolest neighborhoods for starter homes under $425,000

“This is very out of touch with what warrants a starter home budget as well as affordable neighborhood options in Charlotte. Who is paying $425,000 for a starter home? Starmount, Montclaire, Wesley Heights, Seversville are all up and coming neighborhoods that will get you a little more house for your money.” – A

“My ‘starter home’ which was BRAND NEW and not needing any repairs was $134,900. I hope the ones reading this looking for a starter home is not discouraged.” – D

“And that’s why I rent… Unbelievable.” – J

“Pwhahahaha that’s not a starter home price. I’ve never liked the term starter home either. Our home is the place I’ll be growing old in. This isn’t a pit stop.” – E

“Since when is $425,000 the price of a ‘starter home?'” – M

“I need a a new “starter job” then! Lol.” – K

“Next pitch meeting ideas: Best 2019 Lexuses for your 16th birthday, 10 places in Charlotte to spend your inheritance, and how to renovate your home for as low as $1 million.” – J

In response to: Bakery known for its fried stuffed croissants now open near Uptown

“Damnit 2019!! No more carbs!!!” – M

“I’ll go as long as someone go to the gym with me afterwards.” – A

In response to: VC-backed real estate startup expands into Charlotte, charges sellers a flat $5,000

“I wouldn’t call this a ‘better, faster way to sell your home.’ It’s really a matter of if the sellers want to act as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or if they want a licensed professional to act on their behalf during the entirety of the transaction – not a software system.” – B

“I don’t fault start ups for trying something new but it’s going to cost homeowners more to get truly top notch service. And top notch service yields much better results, higher price, etc… if you want to make more on your home, that would be us.” – C

In response to: 13 best furniture stores in Charlotte

“Or you could drive an hour to Hickory and shop in the furniture mart that’s 4 floors of locally made or owned by local companies.” – E

In response to: 28 best salads in Charlotte, ranked

“10 of the 28 salads (or approximately 35.714%) contain romaine lettuce. Trying to kill off your readers?!” – M

“Honorable mention to the house dressing at Portofino’s.” – M

“Any salad at 131 Main or Ilios Noche should be on this list.” – J


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