Dec 29, 2016 - News

You’re not supposed to put cardboard boxes directly in the recycling anymore

Just in time for the after-Christmas cardboard box purge, the city of Charlotte has changed the rules on how you can recycle them.

You used to be able to break down the boxes, flatten them and stick 3-foot by 3-foot pieces in the bin. You’re now supposed to tear the cardboard into squares that are 18 inches by 18 inches, the city says.

People aren’t thrilled. Why the change? The city says it’s because larger cardboard pieces were getting stuck in the bins and preventing them from being emptied.


The recycling crews will cut you some slack this week.

This rule technically went into effect in November, but the city has been advertising the changes more publicly in the past week.

Solid Waste Services spokeswoman Brandi Williams told the Agenda that the city will still accept cardboard boxes the old way through January 31. But they’d really like for people to start tearing cardboard up.

You also have the option of stacking cardboard boxes outside the bins this week.

You’re still supposed to tear it up into small pieces, though.


Also, don’t forget that your pick-up day is one day later this week because of the holiday.

Goodwill Opportunity CenterJPG

Cardboard at the Charlotte recycling center

Want another way to get rid of the boxes?

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