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We asked, you answered: Your least-favorite roads

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We all have that intersection on our way to work or the grocery store — the one that makes you shake your fist and mutter about its poor and dangerous design.

Earlier this month, we asked readers to share the streets and intersections that get their heart rate up.

  • Let's just say, there are a lot of roads that piss y'all off.

Khang N. urged Austin officials to add a raised crosswalk at the Fourth Street bike and pedestrian path crossing the I-35 frontage roads: "Crossing these roads here feels like a gamble every single time."

  • "There is basically zero signage here for either the drivers driving on the roads or for the cyclists/pedestrians trying to cross the roads … while drivers, most of whom are traveling at 40-50 mph, have zero warning that a crossing is coming up."

Craig W. writes: "Spicewood Springs Road and Hart Lane needs a complete redesign … Vehicles on Spicewood Springs Road turning left onto Hart Lane either don't stop at the stop sign or don't yield the right of way to the vehicles already stopped on Hart Lane trying to turn left onto Spicewood.

  • "Meanwhile, vehicles going east on Spicewood are going well above the speed limit and pay no attention to the intersection since they don't have to stop."

One reader who wished to remain anonymous because they work for the city, said they were worried about the intersection at Walnut Creek Park Road and North Lamar Boulevard.

  • "Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park is heavily used by cyclists, dog walkers, baseball teams, hikers, families hosting birthday parties, public pool users, etc.," they wrote. "The traffic flow on North Lamar in both directions is heavy and visibility is poor for people turning left onto North Lamar … I take my dog to this leash-free park often and the significant risk at this intersection causes me to have traffic anxiety every time."

Annie J. tells us: "My theory is that the intersection between 34th/Guadalupe is surprisingly dangerous. I live nearby and am always seeing/hearing car crashes at night (on one morning walk, I saw where the police had labeled 'BLOOD' in spray paint on the sidewalk after responding to a crash the night before ...).

  • "34th Street has a turn lane going eastbound but not going westbound, and the light is very short. Cars will sneak around to catch the light or take the turn when they don't have right-of-way."

Chelsea F. watches cars blow through stop signs at four-way stops in Pflugerville along North Heatherwilde Boulevard and Black Locust Drive and Pfennig Lane.

  • "I think I see one or hear about [a crash] at least once a week. … These need to be stoplights instead of stop signs."

Randy C. says Highway 71 in Bastrop now has a ramp for people headed west from Highway 95.

  • "Rarely a day goes by that I don't witness a near-collision."

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