Dec 30, 2019

Biden says he would consider choosing a Republican as running mate

Joe Biden at an Iowa campaign stop last week. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Monday that he would consider choosing a Republican running mate if he wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, but that he "can't think of one right now," CNN reports.

What he's saying: "There are some really decent Republicans that are out there still, but here’s the problem right now with the well-known ones: They’ve got to step up. You know what I mean?"

  • Biden also said it is "presumptuous" for him to talk about potential running mates without having won the nomination.
  • "Whomever I would pick for vice president — and there’s a lot of qualified women, there’s a lot of qualified African Americans, there really, truly are. … I’d pick someone who was simpatico with me, who knew what my priorities were and knew what I wanted to do," Biden said.

Why it matters: Biden faced backlash earlier in the primary for allegations that he spoke fondly about working across the aisle with segregationist senators during a speech about "civility."

  • He later apologized and said the comments were misconstrued, but throughout his campaign has continued to emphasize the importance of working with the "opposition" to get things done.

Between the lines: The pitch wouldn't be the first time a presidential nominee weighed a bipartisan White House ticket. The late Republican Sen. John McCain considered choosing independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, once a Democrat, as his vice presidential pick in 2008.

  • Former President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican member of the Union Party, ran with Sen. Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, in 1864 in an effort to bridge a deeply divided America during the Civil War.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Joe Biden for president

Biden and Garcetti together in 2019. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 race on Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Why it matters: California is one of the most coveted primary state wins, offering 416 delegates on the highly anticipated Super Tuesday. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has also pledged her support for Biden in the presidential. A win in the state could serve as a huge step for Biden to secure the Democratic nomination.

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What to watch in tonight’s Democratic debate

The spin room at the debate in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Kerem Yucel/Getty Images

Tensions over gender and racial politics, foreign policy and electability set the stage for Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, the last before the Feb. 3 caucuses.

Why it matters: Three weeks out, polling gives Bernie Sanders momentum, but shows Joe Biden, Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg within striking distance of each other in the first contest. Biden still leads nationally.

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Joe Biden's campaign says it raised $22.7 million in Q4

Biden at a New Hampshire town hall on Dec. 30. Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Joe Biden's 2020 presidential campaign said Thursday that his campaign raised $22.7 million in 2019's fourth quarter, the most he's raised in a single quarter since announcing his bid for the presidency.

Where it stands: Biden's Q4 total places him behind Sen. Bernie Sanders ($34.5 million) and Pete Buttigieg ($24.7 million), but ahead of Andrew Yang ($16.5 million) and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard ($3.4 million). The other candidates have not yet announced their Q4 fundraising hauls.

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