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In your next job, you may need to know how to make a bot

Laurent Cipriani / AP

Workers may soon be expected to know how make "bots" that automate parts of their own jobs, according to Deloitte Consulting.

Marc Mancher runs a Deloitte team that trains government employees to create "software bots" that automatically do paperwork like mass invoicing. He told Axios that, as a carryover, members of his staff now create bots that streamline their own jobs, and that that will become a standard skill in the workforce in the near-term.

"If you could automate those repetitive tasks in your job, would you? Yes, of course, you would," he said. "As this technology becomes more widely adopted, we think it's likely to become 'standard issue' on employees' computers. People can identify tasks for automation, train their own bots, and then focus more on value-add type of work."