How tech giants are dealing with a massive chip vulnerability

Intel, the leader in microprocessor market, presents developer tools at Droidcon convention in Turin in 2015. Photo by Mauro Ujetto/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

The entire tech industry is scrambling to create software patches that close a massive security hole due to a decade-long flaw in how nearly all modern chips are designed.

The vulnerabilities, first reported to affect Intel chips, also affect to varying degrees processors made by rival AMD as well as the ARM processors used in cell phones and other devices.

Why it matters: This is the broadest security vulnerability to date, affecting nearly all computers, servers and other devices, including smartphones. For now, most fixes involve updates to the operating systems and cloud services developed by Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and others.

Dig Deeper: A good explainer on the vulnerabilities and who is affected is offered here.