Lawsuit filed over FDA's delay of e-cigarette review

Palm of someone's hand holding a Juul e-cigarette
Juul e-cigarettes have grown in popularity amongst teens since they are discreet, easy to use, powerful and have good flavor pods. Photo: Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

A group of public health organizations and doctors filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday for delaying its review of e-cigarettes — a growing concern amongst parents and pediatricians due to increased reports of adolescents and teenagers picking up "vaping" or "juuling" (when using a popular brand, Juul).

Why it matters:

"Juul is an e-cigarette that looks like a USB flash drive, charges on your computer, and is sold in sweet flavors...Each pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. There are widespread reports it's being used in high schools and junior high schools...It's exactly the kind of product the FDA needs to be reviewing now and taking action to protect our kids."
— Vince Willmore, spokesperson for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK), tells Axios