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As part of its annual employee diversity report, which showed little change in numbers from the previous year, Google for the first time included employee attrition rates for various demographic groups.

  • Attrition rates are highest for black employees, followed by Latino employees, and lowest for Asian employees. Women have lower attrition than men, both overall and in tech jobs.

Why it matters: Since major Silicon Valley companies began releasing employee demographics reports, diversity advocates have been critical of the lack of retention and attrition data. That information can show whether a company is succeeding at making employees feel included after they're hired.

Overlap: In addition to attrition rates, Google also for the first time included data about the intersection of gender and race for U.S. employees.

  • For example, while 38.2% of employees identify as Asian (or Asian and another race), only 12.5% of employees identify as Asian women.
  • Experts say that looking at the intersection of gender and race (and other demographic groups) can show how various biases (and lack of peers) can affect an employee at once.

Situation unchanged: It's also notable that despite spending millions of dollars on the issue and committing to improvement, Google's diversity reports continue to show little change year over year.

  • Companies have argued that change will take time, and point to the demographic makeup of their new hires. But sooner or later "no change" becomes hard to defend.

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Scoop: Secret Israel-Sudan contacts paved the way for deal sealed by Trump

Trump on the phone with the leaders of Sudan and Israel. Photo: Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty

While the U.S. officially brokered the Israel-Sudan normalization deal, it was Israel that facilitated talks between the U.S. and Sudan on the broader deal that included Sudan’s removal from America’s state sponsors of terrorism list.

Why it matters: Israel’s secret contacts with Sudanese officials paved the way for a deal that was nearly a year in the making.

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Coronavirus dashboard

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

  1. Politics: Biden ahead in Wisconsin, Michigan as cases surge in the Midwest.
  2. Health: Surge "is real" and not just caused by more tests, Trump's testing czar saysMask mandates help control the rise in hospitalizations.
  3. Business: Surge is sinking consumer confidence Testing is a windfall.
  4. Media: Pandemic causes TV providers to lose the most subscribers ever.
  5. World: Putin mandates face masks.
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Trump's testing czar: COVID surge "is real" and not just caused by more tests

Assistant Secretary of Health Adm. Brett Giroir, who leads the federal government's coronavirus testing response, pushed back on Wednesday against President Trump's continued claims that rising coronavirus cases are a product of increased testing.

The big picture: Every available piece of data shows that the pandemic is getting worse again across the country. Hospitalizations are on the rise — and some hospitals are warning that they could soon be overwhelmed — while 13 states set new highs last week for coronavirus infections recorded in a single day.