Famous dinosaur fossil, finally studied, reveals new species

Darla Zelenitsky / University of Calgary

Paleontologists have finally named the famous 'Baby Louie' dinosaur fossil, and they report today it is a new bird-like species. Beibeilong sinensis, for "baby dragon from China," may have been common on Earth about 90 million years ago, the researchers say.

Why it matters: The fossil of the embryo was found in an egg in China's Henan province more than 20 years ago, but until now, scientists didn't know what dinosaur was within the egg. Some speculated they were from a Tyrannosaurus rex because of their size, roughly 17.5 inches long and 11 pounds, and other fossils found in the area. Others thought it could be Gigantoraptor. When they examined the fossil, they found it came from a close relative of Gigantoraptor.