Castro denies involvement in mystery 'health attacks'

Cuba's President Raul Castro, center. Photo: Ramon Espinosa / AP

At least 21 U.S. diplomats in Cuba have become victims of mystery "health attacks" that have caused hearing loss and mild brain injury, per the Associated Press, leaving the U.S. government confounded. It initially suspected that the diplomats were targeted by a covert sonic weapon, but later said that brain injury is unlikely the result from sound.

Cuban President Raul Castro met with Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the American Embassy chief, in February and said he was "equally befuddled, and concerned" with the incidents, and denied any culpability.

Why this is surprising: When the U.S. has accused Cuba of misconduct in the past, Havana has often responded criticizing Washington for creating a fabrication. But Castro didn't dispute that something wrong may have taken place on Cuban soil.