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Broadcom going hostile in Qualcomm bid

File photo: Paul Sakuma / AP

Broadcom announced it intends to nominate 11 new directors whom it would like appointed to Qualcomm's board, after its proposed acquisition fell through last month. Broadcom's CEO Hock Tan said that his company would prefer to "engage in a constructive dialogue with Qualcomm" despite this step.

Why it matters: It's the start of a hostile takeover move by Broadcom as it attempts to push through an acquisition that is sure to be heavily watched by regulators worldwide. Qualcomm had rejected its $103 billion bid last month.

The Broadcom statement says:

  • "Constructive Dialogue Remains Strong Preference"
  • "Despite Repeated Attempts by Broadcom, Qualcomm Has Not Engaged"

Editor's note: This story is being updated as further news comes out.

Steve LeVine 7 hours ago
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Self-driving lab head urges freeze after "nightmare" fatality

Uber self-driving car in Pittsburgh. Photo: Jeff Swensen / Getty

Carmakers and technology companies should freeze their race to field autonomous vehicles because "clearly the technology is not where it needs to be," said Raj Rajkumar, head of Carnegie Mellon University's leading self-driving laboratory.

What he said: Speaking a few hours after a self-driven vehicle ran over and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, Rajkumar said, "This isn't like a bug with your phone. People can get killed. Companies need to take a deep breath. The technology is not there yet. We need to keep people in the loop."

Khorri Atkinson 52 mins ago
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Brother of Florida shooter arrested for trespassing at Stoneman Douglas High

Nikolas Cruz, the suspect in the Florida schol school massacre. Photo: Amy Beth Bennett, Pool / Getty Images

Zachary Cruz, the brother of Nikolas Cruz who confessed to carrying out last month's massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was arrested Monday after authorities say he trespassed on the site where the shooting took place, per the Miami Herald.

Situational awareness: The arrest comes just over a month after his brother shot and killed 14 students and 3 staff members to which prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.