Stories by Phanindra Dahal

Desperation and danger in the Gulf for South Asia’s migrant workers

Nepali men line up to receive receive official documents allowing them to go overseas to work. Photo: Prakash Mathema/AFP/Getty Images

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers hoping to escape poverty and provide for their families depart South Asia every year for the Gulf region.

The reality: Promises tend to evaporate when they arrive in the Middle East. Many find themselves working in exploitative and dangerous conditions — and unable to return home.

Nepali government rejects blame for Everest deaths

Mountaineers on Everest in 2009. Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Nepal rejects claims that recent deaths on Mount Everest resulted from overcrowding or government negligence, a government spokesman tells Axios.

Why it matters: Nepali authorities are under pressure to limit the number of permits issued for mountaineers to climb the 29,028 foot peak after the 11 recent deaths, 9 of which came on the Nepali side of Everest. Nepal doesn’t place strict limitations on who can attempt the climb.

India's elections approach the finish line

Waiting to vote in Delhi. Photo: Cheena Kapoor/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The last phase of voting in India’s staggered elections will take place on Sunday, bringing an end to a festive and fiery six-week process to determine who will lead the world’s largest democracy for the next five years.

What to watch: Polling has already taken place for 483 of the 543 parliamentary seats up for grabs in the massive elections, which feature 900 million eligible voters and 1 million polling stations. The results will be announced on May 23.