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Connecting Lyft or Uber with public transit could bring data risks

Illustration of a bus with a route marque that includes a car, an arrow, and a destination
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Uber, Lyft and transportation agencies across the U.S. are encouraging customers to combine ride-hailing with public transit, ultimately to try to streamline travel options and payment.

Why it matters: These partnerships could fill in gaps in public transportation without worsening congestion. But they could also expose public transit riders to data privacy risks, and upend transit's business model.

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AVs could change the economics of parking garages

Side view of a parking garage in Chicago from October 1967.
A parking garage in Chicago, October 1967. Photo: John Bulmer/Getty Images

The looming deployment of AVs could render parking garages obsolete, which has created a conundrum for developers — whether to invest in parking garages that can be converted for other uses or stop building them entirely.

The big picture: While the need for parking is acute in cities today, parking structures are typically financed with a 30-year payback and some believe that AVs will reduce or eliminate the need for parking as soon as 2030.

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Automakers envision a business model for AVs: selling miles, not cars

A blue car sitting atop a pile of money
Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

If AVs eventually dominate the car industry, automakers could start charging for miles travelled instead of vehicles sold — potentially a much bigger revenue opportunity.

The big picture: Automakers and tech companies are investing in AV technology because it offers, among many things, a new revenue stream if people shift from owning vehicles to buying access to transportation.