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The biases baked into artificial intelligence

When it comes to decision making, it might seem that computers are less biased than humans, but algorithms can be just as biased as the people who create them.

Why it matters: One study from MIT Media Lab found that leading facial recognition systems correctly identified male faces 99 percent of the time, but made mistakes up to 35 percent of the time with dark-skinned female faces. This has major consequences for people, because algorithms can help with decisions from who can travel freely to who is arrested and how long they go to jail.

America has a recycling problem — and China is making it worse

For the last 25 years, the U.S. has exported about one-third of its recycling, the majority of it going to China. Yet most Americans recycle without realizing the complex process behind the waste management system.

This year, new regulations from the Chinese government are limiting how much recycling the U.S. can send them. That’s creating financial challenges, especially for local communities who are starting to see the consequences in their own backyards.

The Democratic socialist movement comes to Michigan

We went to Michigan 10 days before the primary to see how progressives in the state are pushing the Democratic Party and its local candidates farther to the left.

  • Abdul el-Sayed, a candidate for governor who's been trailing in the polls, got some last-minute help from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

Why it matters: If el-Sayed can pull off a surprise victory, it's more evidence that the progressive wing of the party — the one that helped Ocasio-Cortez win in the Bronx —could also help other Dems across the country.