Sep 19, 2019

iPhone iOS 13 arrives


Customers have to wait another day to buy the latest iPhones, but starting Thursday they can update existing phones to the latest operating system.

Why it matters: iOS 13 won't magically add a third camera to the back of your phone, but it will deliver other features found on the latest iPhones, including dark mode, Sign in with Apple and improved maps and photos.

  • Yes, but: Several features originally announced for iOS 13 have been pushed back until later this fall, including the ability to support playing music or a video to multiple pairs of AirPods.

Worth noting: It can sometimes take hours to download the update when it's first made available. Your phone has survived without iOS 13 for months. You can wait another few hours.

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The iPhone 11 Pro is more durable than its predecessors

A customer tries an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Photo by Li Muzi/Xinhua/Getty Images

For all the criticism that there isn't a whole lot new in this year's iPhones, Apple does seem to be scoring points for the areas it did focus on, namely the cameras and battery life. Add one more to the list of things it appears Apple got right: durability.

Why it matters: The price tag of high-end phones has climbed to $1,000 and up; even with insurance, a cracked screen can still be a costly slip-up.

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Apple shakes off its critics as stock hits 52-week high

Photo: Philip Fong/AFP via Getty Images

Apple's stock rose 1.35% Thursday, more than doubling gains by the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq and touching a 52-week high.

Driving the news: The strong gains came despite criticism of the company for pulling apps from its store in recent days to appease Chinese authorities.

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The biggest smartphone apps are adopting dark mode

The biggest smartphone apps are all launching "dark modes" for users to be able to use their phones at night without hurting their eyes.

Why it matters: Dark mode reduces glare at night and saves battery life.

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