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Americans say AI poses greater job threat than immigration

a white robot with a touch screen and a man using the touch screen
Photo: BSIP / UIG via Getty Images

More than half of Americans (58%) believe that artificial intelligence poses a greater threat to U.S. jobs over the next 10 years than immigration and offshoring (42%,) according to a new Northeastern University/Gallup survey.

By the numbers:

  • 61% of the youngest age group polled, 18-35 year olds, believe that technology poses the deepest threat, compared to 39% of pointed to immigration and offshoring.
  • Republicans were the only subgroup to think that immigration and offshoring (48%) pose a bigger threat than AI (52%,) while Democrats chose AI as the higher threat (67%) by 34 more percentage points than immigration and offshoring (33%.)
Kim Hart 4 hours ago
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Sen. Cortez Masto: Safety is a key component of smart cities

Photo: Chuck Kennedy / Axios

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto said safety has to be a key component of new technological advances as they transform U.S. cities.

Why it matters: Citizens' safety is a primary concern as technology marches toward replacing humans in a number of different functions in our cities, such as driving. New attention has been drawn to this this issue by this week's fatal crash involving an autonomous vehicle in Arizona.

Steve LeVine 20 hours ago
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1 in 5 U.S. retail shops are still at risk

Claire's filed for bankruptcy on March 19. Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty.

Amid a retail bloodbath last year and the first two months of 2018, the U.S. still has far too many shops, and their numbers need to shrink — 1 out of 5 need to close to reach the historical average, according to Costar, a research firm.

By the numbers: Ryan McCullough, senior real estate economist with Costar, said the U.S. has 18% too much retail space when compared with the historical average.