Oct 24, 2019

Amazon stock falls 5% after hours due to earnings miss

Photo: Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Amazon's stock fell sharply Thursday after the company narrowly missed analysts' expectations on earnings per share for the third quarter, reporting $4.23 vs. the expected $4.62. The tech giant's revenue for the quarter was higher than expected ($69.9 billion vs. $68.8 billion), CNBC reports.

The big picture: It's not yet clear why Amazon missed expectations, but analysts have raised questions about how much the retailer's move this year from two-day to one-day Prime delivery will cost as it becomes widely implemented.

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Facebook stock rises on earnings beat

Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Facebook stock was up nearly 4% in after-hours trading on Wednesday after the tech giant reported that it beat Wall Street expectations on earnings per share and revenue.

Why it matters: The company has been warning for several quarters that ad growth (where nearly all of its revenue comes from) is expected to slow late this year due to saturation in its main News Feed. As a result, Facebook has been investing more in monetizing its "Stories" feature on both its main app and Instagram.

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Uber stock falls despite earnings beating analyst expectations

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Uber saw its stock drop by more than 5% despite beating analyst expectations of its revenue and losses for the third quarter.

Why it matters: Uber, as well as rival Lyft, still faces the difficult challenge of convincing investors that it will eventually make a profit. While its business grew, the company's losses for the quarter ($1.16 billion) also increased compared to the same quarter a year ago.

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Amazon's speedy one-day shipping is denting its profits

An Amazon warehouse outside Paris. Photo: Philippe Lopez/AFP via Getty Images

Amazon shares fell more than 6% Thursday after the company's quarterly earnings fell for the first time in two years, coming in below analysts' expectations.

Between the lines: Amazon had been posting record profits in recent quarters, but its move to offer one-day shipping to Prime customers is clearly denting the bottom line. Last quarter, the company spent nearly $10 billion on shipping, but the company has long been willing to sacrifice short-term profitability to make moves that are popular with consumers and are hard for rivals to match.

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