Jun 11, 2024 - Technology

Legalizing raw milk

Illustration of a dairy cow with an exclamation point pattern on it's nose

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Louisiana appears set to end a ban on unpasteurized raw milk, joining the majority of states where the product is already available.

Why it matters: The move comes as right-wing commentators are pushing raw milk as a health food — despite CDC warnings and a spreading avian flu outbreak among America's dairy cows.

The big picture: Conservative commentators have been pushing what they describe as raw milk's benefits, according to an analysis from left-leaning Media Matters.

  • The Blaze, for example, published what it called an investigation on "the truth about raw milk the government doesn't want you to know," calling raw milk "close to a perfect food."

Reality check: Nearly all store-bought milk is pasteurized, which kills bacteria that can lead to diseases like listeria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis and diphtheria.

  • Pasteurized milk offers the same nutritional benefits as raw milk without the associated health risks, the CDC says.

The latest: Recent research suggests that consuming raw milk from avian flu-infected cows could be dangerous.

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