Jun 6, 2024 - Technology

4. Now trending: Trader Joe's mini coolers

Trader Joe's is selling new mini totes while supplies last. Photo: Courtesy of Stacey Tyko

Trader Joe's' new mini cooler totes. Photo: Courtesy of Stacey Tyko

The latest trending product from Trader Joe's — a $3.99 mini insulated tote bag — has arrived just in time for beach season.

  • The 1.5-gallon bags, available in magenta and teal, are already going for nearly $100 on eBay amid a gotta-have-it frenzy.

The big picture: The new mini coolers are the grocery chain's latest affordable item to strike viral gold, after its mini canvas tote bags became a huge hit earlier this year.

  • Those bags also ended up on the resale market with large markups.

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