May 31, 2024 - Technology

Boeing submits safety plan

The fuselage of a Boeing 777-9 jetliner aircraft in Dubai in November 2023.

The fuselage of a Boeing 777-9 in Dubai in November 2023. Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP via Getty Images

Boeing gave federal regulators a plan for resolving safety problems uncovered after January's 737 MAX 9 mid-flight door plug blowout, the Federal Aviation Administration said yesterday.

Why it matters: Boeing was ordered earlier this year to draft an improvement plan within 90 days after federal inspections found serious issues.

Driving the news: FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker confirmed that Boeing had submitted the plan, but stressed that it does not end the administration's increased oversight on the company.

  • Whitaker said Boeing will not be able to increase 737 MAX 9 production until it follows through with the plan and meets certain unspecified metrics set by the FAA.
  • It's unclear if Boeing will release the details of its safety plan to the public.

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