May 24, 2024 - Technology

The peril and promise of AI in two tweets

Screenshot of two contrasting tweets, including 1 from Box CEO Aaron Levie on the virtues of GenAi.

Screenshot: Axios

Much of my work life is spent bouncing back and forth between those expressing optimism that generative AI will lead to a new golden era of human productivity and those who believe we are headed into a dystopian hellscape.

Zoom in: These two tweets, which appeared right next to each other in my feed on Wednesday, encapsulated that dichotomy perfectly.

  • In the first one, Box CEO Aaron Levie lays out a compelling case for why he is "insanely bullish" on how generative AI will let companies make far better use of their data.
  • The second post, an unrelated tweet from Fortune journalist Sharon Goldman, takes issue with the oft-touted notion that inserting AI into so many formerly human interactions is actually a worthwhile goal.

My thought bubble: I struggle myself, being both tantalized by the potential of generative AI and horrified by some of the ways it could be — and often is being — used.


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