May 21, 2024 - Economy

The $400 pineapple

A red pineapple in green packaging

The Rubyglow Pineapple took 15 years of development. Photo: Fresh Del Monte Produce

We here at Closer are all over the luxury fruit beat, which is why we can't pass up the chance to tell you about the $400 pineapple.

The rumors are true: The Rubyglow Pineapple — made by wholesaler Fresh Del Monte Produce — was briefly on sale at California-based Melissa's Produce for $395.99.

  • Devastatingly, it's sold out now.

Context: Two years ago, we told you about the $6 Oishii strawberry, but this takes premium pricing to a new level.

🍍 Nathan's thought bubble: You could have a Rubyglow or, with today's sale price at Walmart, you could be the proud owner of 200 regular pineapples.


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