May 7, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Cliff Sims book: Biblical takeaways from D.C.'s halls of power

Cover of "The Darkness Has Not Overcome"

Cover: Worthy Books

Cliff Sims, a former (and perhaps future) Trump administration official, is out today with what he tells Axios is a "political junky's dream devotional book."

  • "The Darkness Has Not Overcome: Lessons on Faith and Politics from Inside the Halls of Power" shot to No. 1 in many of Amazon's Christian books categories after Sims' first interview for the book, on "The Glenn Beck Program."

Why it matters: Sims — a gifted storyteller who's a former White House and intelligence official — brings an unblinking Christian eye to secular Washington.

  • "Jesus' death and resurrection are the most important events in human history," Sims writes. "So why on Earth would we make politicians the central characters in our story today?"

"Want to know what it's like inside the government's 'doomsday bunker,' or what's inside the president's nuclear football, or what it's like in the cabin of Air Force One, or inside the halls of the CIA?" says Sims, who's based in Alabama and is a Baptist minister's son.

  • "This book is full of the kind of in-the-room details that political junkies love, but every story launches into a Biblical takeaway. These lessons will apply to every person's life — whether you're walking through the fire, dealing with anxiety or depression, or just trying to make sense of the current moment in American life through a Biblical lens."

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