Apr 30, 2024 - Politics & Policy

Marjorie Taylor Greene invites Democrats to save Mike Johnson

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) signaled Tuesday she still plans to pull the trigger on her motion to vacate against Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), even after Democratic leadership announced they would vote to save him.

Why it matters: Greene's comments come as the majority of her conference and former President Trump have said they are not supportive of the move, with some fearing that it could hinder their odds of winning in November.

  • But Greene says members should be put on the record on the matter, calling for his resignation.
  • "If the Democrats want to elect him Speaker (and some Republicans want to support the Democrats' chosen Speaker), I'll give them the chance to do it," she posted on X.
  • "I'm a big believer in recorded votes because putting Congress on record allows every American to see the truth and provides transparency to our votes. Americans deserve to see the Uniparty on full display. I'm about to give them their coming out party!"

The intrigue: Conservative hardliners are furious over Johnson's decision to put Ukraine funding on the floor without border language attached, but even some of those who supported the ouster of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said they feel the timing is wrong.

  • Members told Axios support for the prospect of booting Johnson waned after hearing from constituents frustrated with the chaos in Washington.
  • "If she invokes the motion, it will not succeed," Democratic leaders said earlier that morning.

The big picture: Johnson will likely weather the storm with just a handful of his members voting to strip him of his gavel, but some members are worried it could hinder their negotiating power on remaining pieces of must-pass legislation.

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