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Apr 25, 2024 - Podcasts

Sue Bird: "Society finally caught up" with women's basketball

Retired WNBA legend Sue Bird knows just how far women's basketball has come. Arguably the greatest WNBA player in history, she was also part of negotiating a major collective bargaining agreement in 2019 that set the stage for big changes for players. "We've been trying to get people to pay attention, to see what we've all seen behind closed doors," she says, "and now it feels like society finally caught up with us."

Sue was one of the voices this week at TN50: The Business of Women's Sports Summit from Axios and Deep Blue Sports + Entertainment, and she spoke with Axios' Sara Fischer on the sidelines of the event about the momentum behind women's basketball and the work still ahead.

Guests: Sue Bird, WNBA player for 19 years with the Seattle Storm, and Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Deep Blue Sports + Entertainment

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