Apr 3, 2024 - Health

LGBT adults more likely to experience discrimination in the exam room

Illustration of a silhouetted teen hospital patient sitting behind an overlaid Transgender pride flag and a large stack of papers.

Illustration: Annelise Capossela/Axios

1 in 3 LGBT adults say a health care provider has disrespected or treated them unfairly, twice the rate of adults who don't identify as LGBT, according to a new KFF survey.

Why it matters: These negative interactions with the health care system are also leading to worse health care outcomes, the survey finds.

Zoom in: LGBT adults were much more likely to report having a bad experience with a provider that caused their health to get worse (24% vs. 9%), made them less likely to seek out care (39% vs. 15%) or led them to switch providers (36% vs. 16%).

  • Experiences of discrimination, in or outside of the health care system, could exacerbate mental health issues among LGBT adults, who are more likely to report going without care.

Still, most LGBT adults say they've had positive experiences with providers who understood and respected their cultural values and beliefs and involved them in their care.

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