Apr 2, 2024 - Politics & Policy

RNC launches "Biden bloodbath" website

President Biden speaks at the White House in on March 26. Photo: Samuel Corum/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Republican National Committee launched a website Tuesday aimed at torching President Biden's border policies.

The big picture: The move comes as the GOP continues to peddle discourse that the Biden administration is not doing enough to curb illegal immigration at the southern border.

Zoom in: BidenBloodbath.com provides a timeline of the "border crisis," blaming Biden's policies as the "root cause" and boasts "real-time messaging" to activists.

  • It also attempts to link allegations of crimes committed by people who entered battleground states illegally with various data points on fentanyl deaths.

What they're saying: "Biden is allowing vicious criminals, illegal drugs, gangs and terrorists into the United States," Trump campaign spokesperson Danielle Alvarez alleged in a statement.

Reality check: While the political discourse around immigration may be fueling distrust, generalizations about immigrants committing violent crimes are often untrue.

  • Many studies have determined that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes in comparison to U.S.-born citizens, per AP.

Biden-Harris campaign spokesperson James Singer told Axios, "Instead of actually acting on the border, Trump and MAGA Republicans want to launch websites and lean into Trump's violent, dangerous rhetoric."

  • Singer said the American people should blame the former president.
  • "Trump told America to blame him when MAGA Republicans killed the toughest bipartisan border bill in decades at his direction – siding with fentanyl traffickers over the border patrol and the American people," Singer said.
  • The White House did not immediately respond to Axios' request for comment.

Between the lines: Trump has used the term "bloodbath" on the campaign trail, creating frenzy around the term.

  • At a campaign rally in Ohio last month, Trump said: "Now, if I don't get elected, it's gonna be a bloodbath."
  • President Biden's campaign then released an ad centered on the "bloodbath" remarks, presenting Trump as a fundamental threat to democracy if he is re-elected.
  • The Trump campaign accused Democrats of taking the remarks out of context, saying the former president was talking about the effects of a second Biden term on the auto industry, not about inciting political violence if he loses.

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