Apr 1, 2024 - Business

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A young woman in a blue outfit poses for a camera, with her hands on her hips.

Emma Chamberlain at the 2023 Met Gala in New York. Photo: Lexie Moreland/WWD via Getty Images

Multihyphenate Gen Z influencer and entrepreneur Emma Chamberlain may have started her career on YouTube, but she doesn't intend to put her kids in her videos, she told WSJ.

  • "Some people are in the public eye for their whole lives. I don't know if I see that for myself," she said.

Hope's other favorite takeaways:

  • On letting go of perfectionism: "I could be doing a f—ing puzzle or even playing a video game, like, who cares if you fail at that? When everything you do in life is high stakes, you get stuck in that mindset."
  • One piece of advice that's guided her: "I think sometimes we can make choices based on what's going to be the most impressive in the public eye, or for financial reasons. My dad has always told me to make the choice that's going to make me feel the most fulfilled."

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