Mar 15, 2024 - Business

Home Depot starts promoting Halloween collection — seven months early

Two photos side-by-side. On left, a 12-foot skeleton with 5-foot skeleton dog and on right, a large Frankenstein Halloween decoration

Home Depot is previewing its Halloween lineup earlier than ever before. Photos: Courtesy of Home Depot

Halloween is more than seven months away but Home Depot is already teasing some of the items it'll be selling for the October holiday.

Why it matters: There's an arms race among retailers to move holiday merchandise earlier and earlier. They're aiming to get shoppers whipped up well in advance of their festivities and, ideally, spending more money.

The big picture: The home improvement retailer is giving the growing Halloween fanbase more time to think about giant 12-foot skeletons before the Easter bunny and summer heat.

  • "This is the earliest we have ever announced any of our Halloween products," Home Depot told Axios in a statement. "We wanted to share what is coming for our Halloween superfans."

Driving the news: While last year was slated to be the last for "Skelly," the retailer announced it will have a "new and improved" 12-foot skeleton that will sell for the same price of $299.

  • It will have eight "new settings in its LCD life-like eyes, allowing users to swap settings and bring his personality to the forefront."
  • The collection also includes a 5-foot skeleton dog, a 7-foot animated LED Frankenstein, a 10-foot LED "Murderous Maple tree" and four other large decorations.

Yes, but: Home Depot was short on details on when the items would go on sale.

  • "We can't confirm any official launch dates," the company said on its Instagram page.
  • Last year, many products were available online in July before landing in stores after Labor Day.

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