Mar 8, 2024 - Economy

Reader reaction: Gerbils on wheels

Illustration of a sneaker with a logo in the shape of a EKG line

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Earlier this week, we asked you for feedback on our big internal debate about weights vs. cardio amid signs that Americans are losing interest in the latter.

  • The response nearly crashed our inboxes!

The verdict: Closer readers haven't abandoned good old-fashioned cardio — you like a mix of both.

Here's a selection:

Carolyn: "I would not consider myself having 'worked out' if I didn't do both things, and on days when I don't go and only walk for exercise, I feel like I'm cheating."

Caleb: "Every ounce of muscle you build with weights is more calories burned doing cardio. Better cardio fitness makes lifting more effective."

Erin: "Cardio without weights = gerbil on a wheel."


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