Feb 26, 2024 - Business

Samsung jumps into smart rings with Galaxy unveil

photograph of a metallic looking ring equipped with sensors against a white background

Photo: Samsung

Samsung will enter the race for finger real estate later this year with its Galaxy Ring, unveiled Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Why it matters: The smart ring — a category popularized in recent years by the Oura Ring — marks Big Tech's latest push into health.

Zoom in: The Galaxy Ring tracks sleep, fertility and heart and respiratory rates, and has a "Vitality Score" feature to indicate how physically and mentally ready you are for your day, Wired writes in its review.

  • It comes in different sizes and colors, and is "surprisingly lightweight and comfortable," per Wired.

The intrigue: Since it doesn't have a screen itself, "Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Ring as a device for people who want the benefits of a smartwatch without feeling inundated with data," Wired notes.

  • Yes, but: Wearers obviously have to access that data via an app on a phone with a screen. (It only works with Android phones.)

My thought bubble: I've long given up on the idea of wearables. Anyone familiar with screenshots of my phone screen knows I can barely keep that thing charged.

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