Feb 5, 2024 - Economy

The biggest questions

VR headsets are not hats, and they're not glasses. The Vision Pro is just under 1.5 pounds, but suspended to your face, it feels a lot heavier — and progressively so with each minute. (This was true for other headsets as well.)

  • At first, I was optimistic that it would lessen the desk hunch posture and allow me to sit upright. But over time, I began to be concerned about drooping cheeks — something people pay a lot of money to reverse.
  • Luckily, as someone who doesn't like to use technology more than needed, 15-20 minutes at a time has been and will continue to be plenty for me with VR.
  • And if I need to, I can always lie down to let gravity do some of the work.

As for the price: Starting at $3,500 before tax, it's not for everyone.


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