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From Oikos to Oreo, Super Bowl ads you can watch now

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi appearing in a Super Bowl ad for Michelob Ultra.

Lionel Messi appears in a Michelob Ultra ad for Super Bowl LVIII. Photo: Michelob Ultra

Sure, Super Bowl LVIII is a big game for San Francisco and Kansas City, but it's also huge for hilarious and heartwarming commercials.

By the numbers: 30-second ads for the big game are going for $7 million, according to AdAge.

What we're watching: A zany ad featuring Sir Patrick Stewart and Peppa Pig, debuts for Lionel Messi and Kris Jenner, and a viral moment recreation from David and Victoria Beckham.

"Superior Beach" — Michelob Ultra

  • This 60-second spot featuring Lionel Messi, Jason Sudeikis and Dan Marino will be the first alcoholic beverage commercial to air during this year's game.

"Couch Potato Farms" — Pluto TV

  • This is the first Super Bowl ad for the free TV streaming platform.
  • Of note: The service is streaming every Super Bowl on a new pop-up channel until Feb. 21.

"A Mountain of Entertainment" — Paramount+

  • A group that includes Sir Patrick Stewart, Dora the Explorer, Tua Tagovailoa, Drew Barrymore, Peppa Pig, Knuckles, Jeff Probst and Arnold from "Hey Arnold" try to traverse over a mountain with some motivation from Creed.

"Hold My Oikos" — Oikos

  • Martin Lawrence shows off some superhuman strength in front of Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

"David and Victoria Beckham Forget" — Uber Eats

  • The Beckhams recreate this viral moment from David's recent documentary in this 35-second spot for Uber Eats.

"Twist On It" — Oreo

  • Kris Jenner makes her debut in a Super Bowl commercial where everything is decided by the twist of an Oreo.

"Mayo Cat" — Hellmann's

  • SNL alumni Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson star alongside a talented cat in this ad for Hellmann's Mayonnaise.

"You've Been e.l.f.ing Summoned" — E.L.F. cosmetics

  • See who gets summoned to "jury beauty" in this new spot for E.L.F. cosmetics.

"Life Is a Ball" — Lindt Chocolate

  • Lindor Truffles take center stage in the premium chocolate maker's first Super Bowl spot.

"Old School Delivery" — Budweiser

  • The Clydesdales return for another heartwarming Budweiser ad.

"Book Whoever You Want to Be" — Booking.com

  • Booking.com's star-studded commercial features Tina Fey, Glenn Close, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer.

"Don't Take My Cheese" — Peta

  • Edie Falco reprises her role as Carmela Soprano in this gut-wrenching PSA.

What's next: Kickoff for Super Bowl LVIII is at 6:30pm Sunday on CBS and Nickelodeon.

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