Jan 10, 2024 - Technology

OpenAI debuts its GPT Store for custom chatbots

Illustration of eye emojis with the OpenAI logo in the pupil

Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios

Following a delay, OpenAI said Wednesday that its GPT Store is now open and highlighted some of the most compelling of the custom chatbots that developers have created and shared.

Why it matters: Much as the iPhone's App Store allowed developers to create programs far beyond what Apple had envisioned on its own, OpenAI's store could allow a range of useful tools that likely would never have made it onto the ChatGPT creator's own roadmap.

Of note: OpenAI said its customers have already developed 3 million custom chatbots.

Details: The store is broken down into categories, such as writing, research, programming and lifestyle.

  • The early GPTs that OpenAI is highlighting include a chatbot that offers personalized hiking trail recommendations, a code tutor from Khan Academy, and a design bot from Canva.
  • Consensus offers the ability to query more than 200 million academic papers.

Be smart: What OpenAI is offering is more of a directory than a store, as developers can't directly charge for their chatbots. Instead, the custom GPTs are available to all paid ChatGPT users.

  • OpenAI has said it will share some subscription revenue with developers of popular GPTs, though it still has not provided details.

Meanwhile: OpenAI is also creating a new ChatGPT plan aimed at smaller businesses that want to give access to fewer than 150 employees. Known as ChatGPT Team, the service will cost $25 per user per month annually, or $30 month-to-month.

  • ChatGPT Team gives smaller businesses a shared workspace, the ability to collaborate on custom GPTs and other features not found in the consumer subscription service.

Editor's note: This story has been corrected to note that the GPT Store launched Wednesday (not Thursday).

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