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Move over, Max: Charlie is the top male dog name of 2023

Photo: Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Step aside, Max. There's a new popular male dog name in town: Charlie.

What's happening: After 10 years, Max has been dethroned as the most popular male dog name, according to Rover's user-submitted pet name database.

Kelce is the No. 1 top-trending dog name in the nation, paying homage to the NFL's Travis and Jason Kelce. Its popularity has grown 135% since last year.

  • Other trending sports-related names include Celtic, Trae and Nikola.
  • Honorable mention: Taylor and Swift are trending for cats, while the name Swiftie made the list for the first time for dogs.

State of play: Overall, the top five most popular male dog names are Charlie, Max, Cooper, Milo and Buddy.

  • Luna remains the top female dog name, followed by Bella, Daisy, Lucy and Lily.

Other popular 2023 dog and cat names:

  • Inspired by the 1990s and early 2000s: Alanis (Morissette) followed by Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Cornell, Nirvana and Ginger Spice.
  • Food and drink inspired: Prosecco, Beer, Green Bean, Cheerios, S'More, Quince and Tiramisu.
  • Related to Meta and X: Twitter and AI are trending up for dogs.
  • TV inspired: The Bear, Wednesday Addams and Zava from "Ted Lasso" are also among the top trending names in the streaming category.
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