Aug 22, 2023 - Sports

College football ticket sales are "through the roof"

Data: StubHub; Chart: Axios Visuals

As what might be "the last season of college football as we know it" approaches, StubHub's ticket sales nationally are up over 50%.

Why it matters: Live events are in demand, and college football is no different.

What they're saying: "Sales are through the roof and it is going to be a very exciting football season," ticket expert Adam Budelli of StubHub told Axios.

  • "This is likely to be the last season of college football as we know it, with conferences realigning at a rapid pace and playoff expansion on the horizon," Budelli says. "We predict that ticket sales will start to reflect changes in how fans travel, create new rivalries and spotlight more teams across the country."

Between the lines: Off-season shakeups, including teams moving conferences and coaching staff changes, play a large role in the increase of ticket sales.

  • Based on cumulative ticket sales between last season and ahead of this season, Colorado is the top trending team, with a 1,668% increase in ticket sales. Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders was named head coach of the Buffaloes in December.

Zoom out: FBS powerhouses such as Alabama, Michigan and Notre Dame are among the top in-demand teams based on overall ticket sales. Alabama hosted three of the top 10 highest-selling games last season, and Michigan has the largest stadium in college football, seating 107,601 fans.

  • "The SEC continues to dominate as a conference, outselling the Big 10 teams by 45%," Budelli says.
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