Jul 10, 2023 - Economy

Meta's Threads app exceeds 100 million users

Daily estimated number of Threads users
Adapted from Quiver Quantitative; Chart: Axios Visuals

The two most powerful leaders in social media can't stop throwing jabs at each other online.

Why it matters: The personal attacks between Twitter owner Elon Musk and Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg have escalated as Meta's new Threads app reached over 100 million users over the weekend, while internet traffic data from Cloudflare shows Twitter use "tanking."

State of play: Musk has lashed out at Zuckerberg several times since Meta's Twitter-like app launched last week.

  • Zuckerberg's own taunting of Musk hasn't stopped since the two apparently agreed to throw actual jabs in a cage match fight.

💭 Hope's thought bubble: Whether Threads will be able to replace Twitter remains a big open question. (Its leaders, for one, don‘t feel it has to get into politics and news in order to succeed.)

  • The app is still too new and lacks many of the features that make Twitter useful, such as chronological timelines. And because Threads launched during a slow news week, its purpose during huge breaking news, when Twitter shines, hasn't been tested.
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