Jul 5, 2023 - Technology

Meta gears up for Threads amid Twitter stumbles

A screenshot of the Threads by instagram page on Apple's App Store

The Threads by Instagram page on Apple's App Store. Screenshot: Axios

Meta is promising a Thursday launch for Threads by Instagram, its Twitter clone, presenting Twitter with its most serious competition since Elon Musk took ownership of the company in October.

Why it matters: A number of smaller rivals have challenged Twitter since Elon Musk acquired it, but none have been able to match Twitter's scale.

Driving the news: Meta has been preparing Threads, originally code-named Project 92, for several months, but reportedly sped up its launch plans amid Twitter's stumbles. Meta has launched a countdown timer for Threads on its website and there is a pre-order page on Apple's App Store.

Between the lines: In launching Threads, Meta brings a number of advantages, including its massive user base, as well as strong relationships with advertisers.

  • Meta is building on top of Instagram rather than the core Facebook social graph. The move makes sense for a few reasons, including the fact that Instagram — like Twitter — allows people to follow any public account without requiring a reciprocal relationship.

Yes, but: Some were seeking more independence and control by leaving Twitter and moving to Threads is basically trading one billionaire owner with unchecked power for another.

  • Already critics are pointing out that Threads requires extensive permissions and a willingness to share a great deal of data with Meta.
  • The Irish Independent reports that Threads won't launch any time soon in Europe due to concerns over data use.
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