Mar 30, 2023 - Economy & Business

First look: Woodward and Bernstein make cameo in Jake Tapper's new novel

Mike Allen

Cover: Little, Brown

CNN's Jake Tapper tells Axios that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are "integral to the plot" of his new political thriller, "All the Demons Are Here" — set in Montana and D.C. in 1977, and coming July 11.

Driving the news: "One of the first scenes is in the Senate dining room, where we see Woodward, Bernstein, freshman Senator Jack Danforth," Tapper says.

  • "Congressman Charlie Marder [from Tapper's earlier bestselling novels] is now Senator Marder (R-N.Y.)."
  • "Woodward and Bernstein are regaling Charlie with a story about Barry Goldwater, who later shows up ... Woodstein also appear in another part of the book."

The publisher says the book "tours the underground 70s world of cults, celebrities, tabloid journalism, serial killers, disco, and UFOs."

  • Tapper — anchor, cartoonist, novelist — has been working on this book since 2020, when he handed in his second political thriller, "The Devil May Dance" — published in 2021, following "The Hellfire Club" in 2018.

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