Jan 29, 2023 - Health

Kids' mental health is parents' top concern

Data: Reproduced from Pew Research Center ; Chart: Axios Visuals

Kids' mental health is now parents' biggest concern, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center.

The big picture: Gone are the days of parents sitting up worrying about their kids getting into fights, or trouble with drugs and alcohol. Social media and the pandemic have ushered in a new dimension to parents' already challenging jobs.

By the numbers: 40% of parents said they are extremely or very worried that their kids will struggle with anxiety or depression.

  • 35% felt the same about their kids being bullied.
  • Concerns over their kid getting shot were further down the list at 22%.

What they're saying: Layla Sarquis, affiliate faculty at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, said kids were already struggling with the way social media has changed our interactions.

  • Pandemic lockdowns, which cut many kids off from a lot of their normal socialization, exacerbated some of those pressures.
  • "I think it was a situation that was building momentum," she said.
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