Jan 12, 2023 - Technology

Uber CEO expected to visit Ukraine Thursday


Photo: Uber

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was expected to arrive in Kyiv Thursday to visit employees, drivers, and government and relief agency partners.

The big picture: During the war, the company doubled its service footprint from nine cities to 18. Uber has 25,000 drivers currently working in Ukraine.

Uber tells Axios it's working on a variety of relief projects in Ukraine:

  • A free, custom platform was provided to the UN World Food Program, which is using it to manage the logistics of moving emergency food supplies around the country.
  • A custom version of the app was donated to the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, which is using it to transport staff as they rescue Ukrainian works of art from the front lines.
  • Free rides have been donated to and from the border for refugees, and to hospitals for doctors, nurses and patients.

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