Nov 4, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Stunning poll: 44% of voters see "secret cabal"

Share of voters who say they think the federal government is controlled by a secret cabal
Data: Benenson Strategy Group. Chart: Axios Visuals

Joel Benenson, the renowned pollster for President Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns, gave a first look at the results of a question he'd never asked before: "We wanted to test QAnon's language that the world is controlled by a secret cabal."

What he found: 44% of registered voters said they believe it.

  • "Given that the U.S. is the world's strongest democracy, we wanted to see how far the appeal of language like that might reach," Benenson said.

The figure is especially arresting because of this result in the same poll:

  • 59% of voters agree that the U.S. is a strong democracy.

The breakdown: 66% of Democrats ... 55% of Republicans ... 54% of independents.

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