Sep 20, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Axios book: How to be heard by the skimming, scanning generation


Cover: Workman

Our first book — "Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less" — is out today.

Why it matters to you: Smart Brevity is a new way to communicate that empowers anyone — intern to mogul — to be heard by communicating more crisply and clearly.

  • This book is for students, teachers, managers, leaders — anyone who needs to get people to hear and remember what matters.

If Axios AM serves you, please buy "Smart Brevity" — and consider sending it as a vote of confidence to a rising star in your life.

  • The book shares the secret sauce that I and my two co-founders, and now co-authors — Jim VandeHei and Roy Schwartz — have developed in 16 years of running media companies.
  • All our proceeds go to the Axios Fellowship Program, which allows us to hire more journalists from underrepresented backgrounds.

The problem: In "Smart Brevity," published by Workman, we show you that people skip and skim most of the precious words you send into the world.

  • Never in the history of humanity have we vomited more words with more velocity. This new and exhausting phenomenon has jammed our inboxes, paralyzed workplaces, clogged our minds.
  • We're more scattered, impatient, inundated. We scroll. We skim. We click. We share. Eye-tracking studies show we spend 26 seconds, on average, reading a piece of content.

The solution: Smart Brevity — the architecture we pioneered at Axios — helps combat that by showing you, step by step, how to bring muscle and hierarchy to what you say.

  • We include chapters on Smart Brevity for email ... meetings ... speeches ... presentations ... social media ... visuals ... and even how Smart Brevity can help you run a better company.

The bottom line: It's my joy to write this newsletter every day, 365 days a year. Readers have often asked over the years what they can do for me.

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