Sep 17, 2022 - World

King Charles heckled, told "not my king" during visit to Wales

King Charles III

Photo: Chris Jackson-WPA Pool via Getty Images

While greeting people mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II in Wales on Friday, newly ascended King Charles III was met with condemnation from one man in the crowd.

Driving the news: “While we struggle to heat our homes, we have to pay for your parade,” the man said in a clip that has circulated widely on social media.

  • “The taxpayer pays $100 million for you. And what for?” the man said. He added: “Not my king!”
  • A bodyguard stepped in to shield the monarch, who did not appear to respond to the man in the clip.

State of play: The 73-year-old king will not have to pay taxes on the fortune he inherited after his mother's death at a time when millions across the UK are struggling to pay for basic needs amid a sharp rise in the cost of living, Yahoo reports.

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