Jun 16, 2022 - Economy & Business

Big Macs are still available in Russia despite McDonald's exit

A man holds a burger from the Russian McDonald's successor in Moscow.

A man holds a burger from the Russian McDonald's successor in Moscow. Photo: Hannah Wagner/picture alliance via Getty Images

Big Macs are still on sale at some former McDonald's locations in Russia even though many of the restaurants reopened under a new brand and ownership last week, Reuters reports.

Driving the news: A Russian-owned fast-food chain replaced several McDonald's locations in Russia over the weekend. Some of these restaurants continued to sell McDonald's meals.

  • One restaurant sold a Big Mac inside a "Chicken Premier" box but it did not have the meal's signature sauce, Reuters reports.
  • Another franchisee in St. Petersburg took the Big Mac off the menu but allows customers to order the sandwich, per Reuters.
  • McDonald's branding is still visible on packages and menus, too.

Yes, but: Many of the former McDonald's restaurants — which were renamed Vkusno & tochka (or "Tasty and that's it") — offered a menu without the Big Mac, per Reuters.

The backdrop: More changes can be expected at these former McDonald's locations, including menus that feature double cheeseburgers and fish burgers — but not Big Macs or McFlurries, Axios' Julia Shapero writes.

  • Many of the old McDonald's locations no longer feature the famous arch, either.
  • In fact, the new owner Alexander Govor debuted a new logo that includes two orange backslashes with a red dot on top of a green background.

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