May 26, 2022 - World

Japan and U.S. fly fighter jets after Russia-China military drill

Three F-15 warplanes of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, front, and four F-16 fighters of the U.S. Armed Forces fly over the Sea of Japan on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

U.S. and Japanese planes over the Sea of Japan on Wednesday. Photo: Joint Staff of the Japanese Self-Defense Force

U.S. and Japanese forces have held a joint fighter jet exercise over the Sea of Japan, Japan's Defense Ministry said Thursday.

Why it matters: Wednesday's flights took place a day after China and Russia sent military jets near Japanese airspace while President Biden was visiting Tokyo.

What they're saying: Japan's and the United States' bilateral exercise was designed to "showcase combined capabilities to deter and counter regional threats," the U.S. military said, per Reuters.

  • The Joint Staff of the Japanese Self-Defense Force said in a statement the drill involving four American F-16 jets and four Japanese F-15 warplanes helped "maintain and reinforce readiness and the ability to contribute to peace and stability in this region."

Editor's note: This article has been updated with comment from the U.S. military and details of the aircraft involved in the joint drill.

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