Apr 20, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Texas Democrats to apply for early presidential primary spot

A voter in Texas. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Texas Democratic Party plans to apply to hold an early presidential primary, joining an increasingly crowded group of states hoping to jump ahead on the calendar, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: National Democrats are looking to give priority to states that reflect the diversity of their party and the country.

  • Iowa and New Hampshire, both overwhelmingly white and rural states, have had a lock on the early spots for decades.
  • Now, Democrats are allowing any state to apply for one of up to five early slots on the primary calendar, potentially putting Iowa and New Hampshire at risk.

Driving the news: Angelica Luna Kaufman, a spokesperson for the Texas Democrats, confirmed the plans to Axios on Wednesday.

  • A letter of intent is due by early May, and a formal application the following month.
  • Texas meets many of the criteria set forth by a DNC resolution passed last week, including diversity — both racial and geographic — as well as competitiveness in a general election.
  • A potential obstacle is the GOP-held state legislature, which needs to sign off on any plan to change the election date.

Details: Texas is the 10th state to throw its hat into the ring.

  • Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are all fighting to keep their spots, while Nevada is looking to jump ahead to first.
  • Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Nebraska and Washington are applying as well.
  • Other states considering bids include Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Georgia.
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