Apr 10, 2022 - World

Russian influencers cut up Chanel bags to protest sanction policies

Chanel store

Shoppers go past closed Chanel store in GUM department store on March 26, 2022 in Moscow, Russia. Photo: Oleg Nikishin/Getty Images

Russian influencers are cutting up their Chanel bags in protest of a policy halting the sale of products to those intending to use them in Russia.

The big picture: Like many other companies, the French luxury brand closed its stores in Russia in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. It has also stopped selling its products to those who intend to take them to Russia, according to BBC.

  • The company told BBC it was simply complying with European Union sanctions, which prohibit the sale of luxury goods worth more than 300 euros (about $326).

Chanel said it rolled out a process to ask customers "for whom we do not know the main residency" to confirm that they would not use the items in Russia, according to BBC.

  • "We are currently working on improving this approach and we apologise for any misunderstanding this may have caused," the company added.

Driving the news: Multiple Russian influencers posted videos on social media of themselves cutting up Chanel bags in response.

  • Marina Ermoshkina, a Russian TV presenter, posted a video on Instagram of herself cutting up a Chanel bag. So did Katya Guseva, a Russian DJ.
  • Before cutting up her Chanel bag, Russian social media influencer Victoria Bonya said in a video on Instagram, "If Chanel house does not respect their clients, why do we have to respect Chanel house."
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