Apr 2, 2022 - Sports

Baseball's new lingo

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A Dalmatian lounges on a Budweiser Clydesdale wagon in Peoria, Ariz., before a spring training game between the San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers. Photo: Charlie Riedel/AP

When baseball celebrates Opening Day on Thursday, you won't be hearing umpires say only "Play ball!" and "Yer out!"

  • They'll also be saying "Overturned!" and "Upheld!" as they announce replay decisions for the first time, AP's Ronald Blum writes.
  • Major League Baseball said Fridayyesterday that umpires will give in-park announcements during replay reviews.

How it works: A crew chief will have a wireless microphone and first announce the call being challenged and which team initiated the challenge. After the review, the crew chief will announce the result.

  • Audio will go over ballpark P.A. systems and be made available to broadcasters.

Context: NFL referees were given wireless microphones in 1975.

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